Enjoy Andaman as you like- Complete guide to plan yourself

Enjoy Andaman as you like- Complete guide to plan yourself

Andaman blog is special to me as I have spend many months, in detailed research before planning the trip and it resulted in a great and pleasant trip. I would like to share all the experiences, Info’s and tips so that you can enjoy a well planned Andaman trip. Please read the blog till end, as I will be putting down short itinerary with cost at end & also important tips in respective places.

We all have this question in our mind before planning. Can we plan an Andaman trip by ourselves? Or should we go through any tour operator?

Answer is absolutely Yes. We can plan Andaman by ourselves. If you are worried about hassle free cab pickups, you can book hotels, flights,ferries and book the local transportation from an agent at reasonable rates. This way we can make sure we get best hotels of our choice, comfortable airlines,ferries etc. I will put down the check list :

  1. Make a plan : Make a plan with Starting date to end end date.
  2. Book Flights : Book to and fro flights at-least 3-4 months in advance for best rates.We booked it for around 6-7k per person.
  3. Book ferries between Portblair – Havelock – Neil Islands well in advance. Ferry tickets can be booked online from GreenOcean official website. Keep checking the availability here. Ferry bookings are very important as this is the only means of transfer between the islands. There are 3 different types of seats Royal,Luxury & Economy.Please see the end of blog for Which seats to book in Green Ocean for best view and comfort.
    You can consider Makruz also. As per the info from a localite, it seems to get cancelled often compared to green ocean in case of minor bad weather. Another cheap option is govt ferries which can be booked directly, if you can manage the rush and so.
  4. Book hotels for each destination according to your travel plan.In Andaman govt stays are well maintained and affordable. I will explain later here how to book through Andaman Official Website.
  5. Book Scuba Diving slot
  6. Book Local Transportation package : Most of the local transportation can be covered by 2 wheeler(you can get it for rent 500/day) if you are comfortable. If planning to book local transportation please sync with travel agent in advance and work out the transportation as per your requirements. For a family, I would suggest book local transportation in advance for hassle free pickups and drops.

To start with, Andaman is much more than just Havelock. We made sure to cover North Andaman via Barataang ( Limestone caves ), Rangat and Diglipur. Ross and Smith island in Diglipur was special experience for us. Also, we felt Neil island was more beautiful and untouched than Havelock. Let me take you through detailed experiences of each destinations for you to explore.


That clear blue water during the boat ride
We are about to reach our dream island. First view of Ross & Smith Island, Diglipur, Andaman
We are about to reach our most awaited island. First view of Ross & Smith Island, Diglipur
We are about to land on Ross Island,Diglipur. Beautiful view from the boat
Beautiful view of Smith Island from the boat
Entry will be closed by 2 pm. We will get around 2.5 – 3 hours to spend in the island
We reached this beautiful movie like scenic island by around 12.30 pm. By that time, few families who were there returned back and we were the only ones in the entire island for next 3 hours. It was scenic, calm and peaceful.

Plan during week days as much as possible and try to reach there by noon, so that it will be less crowded.Also, you get stunning bluish green views of the ocean when there is good sunlight

Relaxing time 🙂
Sand separation between Ross & Smith Island. We can walk down this beautiful stretch and go to Ross Island.
Marks of snails in the sand
Ross Island is a separate wild life sanctuary and we can take a Rs.75 ticket/person from Smith island and walk across here in 5-10 mins.
Pathway to island. When you walk inside, you can feel thousands of snails moving around. Once it senses our foot steps, it will go inside the shells. It was interesting to watch.

Diglipur Via Barataang -> Rangat

Baratang Island & Limestone caves :

  • It crosses through Jarawa tribe forest reserve which opens at 6 am and 9 am. Its around 100 km and will take around 2 hours.
  • We will get to see Jarawa tribes during the drive. Photos are not allowed.
  • We started around 6 am in a private cab and reached the check post around 8.30 am.
  • If you want to visit Baratang and return back to Port Blair, you would have to start by 3 am and reach check post for 6 am.
  • Cab will drop you at Baratang island and from there we need to take a boat.
  • Limestone is a sedimentary rock formed at the bottom of the sea. It is formed by the compression over millions of years of the gradual deposits of many ingredients such as marine life, shells, skeletons and corals.
Ships carrying vehicles and people across small islands. During journey to Baratang.
We started in a commute boat from that tiny island.
Tender cocunuts, Andaman
Tender coconuts here were so big that I found it difficult to finish drinking one, where as we thrive for an another in Bangalore. There were really tasty too.

TIP : There are some more real good and unexplored places around Baratang.
Long Island, Balugara, Lalaji,
Parrot island can be explored.
. But, you need to have more days to cover these. Mostly foreigners tent and stay in these places for longer time.

Night Stay @ Rangat :

Hawksbill Nest Cutbert Bay, Betapur – Govt Resort

Beach near to Hawksbill nest. Just walk-able distance. Not so scenic or clean beach.
We can get glimpses of the fisher mans houses & life here.



Its a beautiful and romantic mangrove walkaway which is just few kms away from hawksbill nest.

Awesome & scenic beach set up after a 20 mins walk through the mangrove walk away

JAWAHAR NAVODAYA VIDYALAYA, Panchavati will come in this route




Turtle nesting could be seen in the seasons at particular times only. Please ask with hotel for more details


  • Can be visited while returning back to Port Blair/ Going to Diglipur, depending upon the time availability.

Opposite to Amkunj beach entrance, if we go inside around 1 km there a small waterfall surrounded by the jungle.

It will give a nice feel of forest Jacuzzi with chilled water and greenery around.

Its an offbeat location. Check out if you are interested and have time.


TIP : Do Snorkeling first and then Scuba. Snorkeling is like a trailer of Scuba diving with a different experience.

If you are doing Scuba, sea walk will not excite you that much, as it is just walking under the sea with an oxygen helmet.In Scuba you will get much more flexible movements and visibility.


  • Rate 950/person. We will be taken in a boat ride for around 20 mins and will get around 2-3 hours in the Elephant beach.
  • Around 5 mins (till we see few fishes around) Snorkeling is complimentary.
  • After that for more snorkeling (around 20 mins), we have to pay 1000/person. This was really worth the experience.
  • Another way to reach Elephant beach is by trekking route.
  • Havelock can be covered in scooty as it is a small island and all the places are near by.
Lots of colorful fishes surrounded us and it was really amazing experience. We could touch few of them. Many of them kissed us and passed by.
Elephant Beach, Havelock, Andaman
Elephant Beach, Havelock, Andaman
Even considering the fact that we visited during week days, it was quite crowded. So please expect the same.

While going to boat, you can keep the park the 2 wheeler in parking area and also keep the helmets. In Andaman no one steals the helmet.

SCUBA DIVING @ Nemo Reef, Beach no 2 :

Finding Nemo!!! Scuba Diving,  
Nemo Reef, Beach no 2, Havelock , Andaman
Finding Nemo!!! Scuba Diving,
Nemo Reef, Beach no 2, Havelock , Andaman
  • This is the most exciting and never miss part of Andaman trip. It was an amazing experience to explore under water world with lots of corals and varieties of fishes all around.
  • We did beginner scuba dive in Havelock Island though Dive India.
    We could see nice corals, Nemo fish and more varieties of fishes. Don’t forget to get a pen drive to copy the photos & Videos.
  • You can consider diving in Neil also if you have time. From few people i heard Neil has less explored corals compared to Havelock.

What are the different types/levels of Scuba diving?? Which Scuba Dive to Choose?? Which Scuba Dive is better : Beginner Dive, PADI certification shore dive or PADI certification Boat Dive ??

  • Option 1: Try dive at Havelock: INR 3,500 per person
    • Location:  Nemo Reef, Beach no 2, Havelock
    • 25 mins dive from shore + 15 mins training in the ocean
    • Depth of dive: Up to 7 mts/ 20 feet
    • Includes all gear, plus free videos and photos of your dive
    • I felt this would be ideal for first timers. As some might not feel comfortable and would stop in the beginning itself. So why to waste money. Get a feel of it and if you want to dive again the same day, it can be done in a charge around 2000 I guess.
  • Option 2: PADI Shore DSD at Havelock: INR 5,310 per person
    • Location: Nemo Reef, Beach no 2, Havelock
    • 45 mins dive from shore + 15-20 mins training in the ocean
    • Depth of dive: Up to 7 mts/ 20 feet
    • Includes all gear, PADI certification and log book, free videos and photos of your dive
    • This would be good for the ones who already dived and would like to stay under water for more time.
  • Option 3: PADI Boat DSD at Havelock INR 7,670 per person
    • Location: Boat will depart from Govind Nagar Beach
    • 45 mins dive from boat + 15-20 mins training in the ocean
    • 20 min boat ride to dive spot
    • Depth of dive: Up to 12 mts/ 40 feet
    • Includes all gear, PADI certification and log book, free videos and photos of your dive
    • In this option, you will be taken in a boat for 20 mins ride and will be diving in the middle of sea. Compared to shore dive, here we are expected to see more untouched corals and will get more depth. It is on costlier side for the same reason.
  • You can book any of this according to your choice. As per the info
    beginner dive was 25 mins under water, 7 to 20 meter depth and the max depth will be decided by the instructor according to comfort of the diver. I was very comfortable & went till the down bottom. As per the instructors it was about 7-8 meter depth and I felt it was about 15 mins under water. Regarding the timings, if you have a water proof watch you can be sure to get 25 mins(provided you are comfortable).
  • Swimming knowledge is not required for Beginner dive. If you are comfortable swimming under water, you will be more comfortable. We have to take breath in and breath out via mouth. Once we go deep, there will be little tension n pain in ears, but by holding nose and ejecting air through ears (Instructors will help you with all techniques before diving) you will be fine and comfortable in some time.
  • I have checked the best price directly with Dive India and it was 4000 for beginner dive and we can get the same booked via thegreatnext and get best deals with some discounts. They have tied up with all the well known Scuba centers in Andaman like DiveIndia,Barefoot,ScubaLov etc and you can chose out of any.
  • You may contact letsdothis@thegreatnext.com or Urja 9920989359. Please feel free to mention as referral from Rajesh @ wellplannedtrip.com for best discounted prices.

Which is the best Scuba diving option in Havelock,Andaman??

  • Dive India & Barefoot are well known diving centers in Andaman. Barefoot is slightly more costlier than Dive India.
  • Basically, all the dive center instructors are diving in the same location Nemo reef ( While we signed in the register before dive, we could see all the diving centers are doing it in same location )


  • Sunset point
  • Was named Asia’s best beach and World’s 7th best beach by Time Magazine in 2004
  • Very wide beach with white sand.
  • We can get in water and swim comfortably.


  • Sun rise point. We couldn’t cover this.
  • Check out if you have enough time

Place to Stay :

Dolphin Resort – A Govt Undertaking :

  • Resort was very well maintained, amazing location & experience and was one of the highlights of our Andaman trip. It has a private beach access. Make sure to book well in advance.
  • Scooty is available for rent just outside the gate for Rs. 500.
  • Now here is an important info for you. Dolphin resort is divided into 2 parts. One is undertaken by Govt & other by ANIIDCO. When we search for Dolphin resort in google we get the ANIIDCO contact and they charge higher rates for the rooms. Here is how you can book the govt maintained rooms of Dolphin resort via OfficialAndamanWebsite

How to book Dolphin resort online? How to book Andaman govt resorts/stays online ?

Booking Process for Govt :

  • Go to ONLINE BOOKING (right top corner )
  • Register & Book Online ( DON’T USE DEBIT CARD for Amount more than Rs 2,000/-. Payment will fail at last)
  • Give details and proceed. You will be allotted an identity number and taken to next page, where we can select the hotels, jail and light sound show.
  • If we don’t complete booking and come back again later, Choose option “Search and Make Payment” to give your identity number and proceed with the booking.
  • In case of registration & incomplete payment, room will be blocked against our identity number and will get deleted only after 3 days from back-end(weird, but this is how it works. I got the info from IT department Andaman)

Which room to book in Dolphin resort?What are the different types of rooms in Dolphin resort?

Super deluxe room, Dolphin resort, Andaman
Super Deluxe room
Private beach area, Dolphin resort
Semi Deluxe room
Economy room


We covered Neil in a Scooty. 500/per day. Its a small island, so all places are less than 7-8 kms from each other.



  • Sun rise point.
  • Beautiful and untouched beach
  • must visit
Sitapur Beach, Neil Island, Andaman
Sitapur Beach, Neil Island
Sitapur Beach, Neil Island, Andaman
Time for some nice romantic walk along the serene white sanded beach.


  • Sun set point
  • Nice blue colored ocean with white sand beaches
  • must visit
Laxmanpur beach, Neil Island, Andaman
Laxmanpur beach, Neil Island, Andaman
There are small shops on the beaches, where we can order tea,snacks and maggi etc
Sunset, Laxmanpur beach, Neil Island, Andaman
Beautiful Sunset
Enjoying the sunset and calmness


  • Small beach area
  • way through the coconut farm
  • You can find a shop there with tender coconuts and basic food options on order.


Was amazing be at natural bridge formation. Filmy location.
Star fish

You can find guides here. They will be having star fishes etc in their hand.

TIP: Guides are not necessary. Its a small walk through rocks around 10 mins.Take care while you walk, as the rocks will be slippery. After reaching the natural bridge, cross and please go little more further. You can find lot of corals in the beach area.

Petrol prices are less in Andaman.



  • Nice property situated in a coconut farm
  • With a private beach
  • Restaurant available. Food was nice.
  • Scooty for rent available.
Economy rooms, Coconhuts resort, Neil Island, Andaman
Coconhuts resort, Economy rooms Book for best price
Economy rooms, Coconhuts resort, Neil Island, Andaman
Coconhuts resort, Economy rooms

Which room to book in Coconhuts resort?What are the different types of rooms in Coconhuts resort?

Deluxe rooms
Semi Deluxe rooms
Private beach access where we can sit, relax and enjoy the sea.


Places to Stay(Budget Home stays):

  • Sea Lounge,Junglighat . Rooms were spacious and clean. Good stay in budget.
  • Near to Airport : Andaman Castle Home-stay. It is walk-able and stay was fine.
  • Sunnywale : Good budget homestay.

You can check out reviews and best deals in Booking.com easily:


Places to visit :

JollyBouy Island & Wandoor Beach :

  • Provides good views and water sports activities.
  • About 30 kms from port blair
  • We need to get in a boat from Wandoor & go to Jollybouy Island.
  • Entry charge 50 + Boat 950
  • At the Southern apex of South Andaman, about 30kms away from all noise and chaos of Port Blair, nestled is a small village known as Wandoor with meager amount of shops and options of accommodation for the tourists but beautiful expanses of blue, pristine beaches along its stretch. A small cluster of about 17 islands and open sea creeks, around the area of Wandoor have been delegated as Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park in order to preserve the oceanic existence, coral reefs and the rest of the Flora and Fauna.

Chidiya Tapu :

  • The southernmost tip of South Andaman Island situated at a distance of 28 Kms from Port Blair. Frequent bus service are available from Port Blair. It is famous for bird watching, sunset view, panoramic scenic beauties, and many colours of oceanic view. Swimming can be done at Chidiyatappu.  Safety places boards are erected in Chidiyatappu.  But beware of crocodiles. The biological park at Chidiyatappu is the added attraction. There is a Forest Guest House run and maintained by Forest Department, is under Chief Wildlife Warden, Haddo (Phone No. 03192-233549) who can be contacted to reserve accommodation for stay.
  • Chidiya Tapu is mainly known as Sunset point which is on the same side as wandoor.
  • But due to the bad weather and clouds, we couldn’t witness clear sunset.
  • It is around 20 km from port Blair. Last 10 kms is through forest and the route is isolated. We went in a 2 wheeler, but considering the bad roads and isolated nature of the route, it is better to hire a cab and go.
  • We didn’t feel it is worth the efforts. But, you can give it a try if you have enough time in schedule.
Sunset @ ChidiyaTapu, Port Blair, Andaman
Sunset @ ChidiyaTapu, Port Blair, Andaman

Cellular Jail + Light & Sound show :

Cellular Jail, Port Blair, Andman, This astounding national memorial is a crucial part of Indian history of freedom struggle. This place was one of the most fear-striking colonial prisons to be ever constructed. This was the dreaded place where the British would send the Indian rebels who raised their voices against the colonial rule. Since it was located in one of the most remote and inaccessible parts of India, escape was near to impossible. Also, the jail was constructed in a unique way to have maximum security. The infamous prison was also called ‘Kala Pani’ which roughly translates to “death waters”. The prisoners here were often subjected to torturous tasks and later hanged when they were at their strength’s end. The place gets its name from the 693 cells which held the prisoners, day and night.
Cellular Jail, Port Blair, Andman
This astounding national memorial is a crucial part of Indian history of freedom struggle. This place was one of the most fear-striking colonial prisons to be ever constructed. This was the dreaded place where the British would send the Indian rebels who raised their voices against the colonial rule. Since it was located in one of the most remote and inaccessible parts of India, escape was near to impossible. Also, the jail was constructed in a unique way to have maximum security. The infamous prison was also called ‘Kala Pani’ which roughly translates to “death waters”. The prisoners here were often subjected to torturous tasks and later hanged when they were at their strength’s end. The place gets its name from the 693 cells which held the prisoners, day and night.
  • For timings,entry ticket and more details please check AndamanGovtWebsite
  • Regarding Light & Sound show there was mixed reviews. It is having loud voices and smokes all over giving a feel of the prisoners life in the jail, which is bit scary at times. Sometimes we can feel the trees in the jail are also coming alive.

Sagarika Emporium :

  • Famous for: Photography, monuments, sight-seeing
  • Entrance Fee: Adults- 50 and children-25. No extra charge for
  • Visiting Time: 09:00 AM to 12.00 Noon and 02.00 PM to 05.00 PM.
    Closed on Mondays and Holidays.
  • Visit Duration: 2 to 3 hours
  • It is a pride project of the Indian Navy.
  • It is sectioned into five separate portions each unique in its setting and style.
  • The Samudrika Marine Museum has an inbuilt aquarium which features the regional varieties of marine life in the Andamans.
  • The Samudrika Marine Museum does not charge entrance fees for senior citizens and handicapped. All you need to submit is a valid ID proof.

It consists of many sections like coral life, types of tribes etc. You can also shop for Andaman manufactured products here.
Situated opposite Andaman Teal House, Delanipur, Port Blair, this museum create awareness on various aspects of oceanic environment and houses a vast collection of cells, corals and a few species of colorful fishes of the sea around the islands.

Tribes of Andaman, Sagarika emporium
Tribes of Andaman, Sagarika emporium
Skeleton of Shark, Sagarika Emporium, Port Blair, Andaman
This is the skeleton of a baby blue whale that was washed ashore the Andaman Beach.

Anthropology Museum :

The Anthropological museum in Port Blair started in the year 1975-76, is an ethnographic museum. It showcases the four Negrito Tribes of the Andaman viz. the Jarawas, Sentinelese, Great Andamanese and the Onges and two Mongoloid Tribes of the Nicobar viz. the Nicobarese and the Shompens. This museum is closed on Mondays and Govt. Holidays. 
Timings: 09:00 AM to 01.00 PM and 01.30 PM to 04.30 PM.

Chatham Saw Mill :

Chatham Saw Mill, Port Blair, Andaman
Chatham Saw Mill, Port Blair, Andaman
Andaman map & heart shapes directly cut from the trees.
Museum, Chatham Saw Mill, Port Blair, Andaman
Andaman map & heart shapes directly cut from the trees.
Museum, Chatham Saw Mill, Port Blair, Andaman
Andaman wooden crafts.
Museum, Chatham Saw Mill, Port Blair, Andaman
Andaman wooden crafts.
Museum, Chatham Saw Mill, Port Blair, Andaman
  • Famous for: History, Landmark
  • Entrance Fee:10 per person and Rs.50 for guided tour
  • Visiting Time: 8:30 AM to 2:30 PM (Except Mondays)
  • Visit Duration: 1 hour to 2 hours

Chatham Saw Mill is one of the prime attractions in the capital, Port Blair, of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Being one of the biggest and oldest in Asia, this structure has witnessed a lot of history. Constructed by the colonial regime in 1883, this was the main source of timber, with their raw material being obtained from the dense forests which surrounded the Chatham Island. The mill was destroyed during the rule of the Japanese, who had invaded the islands during World War II and bombed it. The island was then reclaimed after World War II and soon, the mill saw its rebirth once people started settling down in the islands and civilizations started spreading. The functioning of the mill is one of great precision and is a treat to watch. The Museum set within the surroundings of the mill, has got a great collection of wood based work and carvings that take our breath away with the intricate designing which is done on it

Ross & North Bay :

Can be avoided, as Jollybouy and other islands give better views. Ross Island has some historical building remainings. that’s it. North Bay is known for Sea Walking and Glass bottom rides.If you are doing Scuba in Havelock, you can avoid sea walking as it wont be as exciting as scuba. Glass bottom ride is not that good and mostly is marketing gimmicks.

Corbyn Cove Beach :

AVOID. It is not that clean and nothing special here. You will find jet sky ride here. But you will find better option to do it in Elephant Beach, Havelock.

If you have more days and would like to explore all options in port blair you can refer the below links :

Which seat to book in Green Ocean ferry ? What are the different types of seats in Green Ocean ?

Economy seats, Green ocean, Andaman Ferry service
Green ocean Luxury seats, Andaman Ferry service
Luxury.We can keep the head on the table and sleep, in case of sea sickness.
If you have kids, this will be helpful.
Green ocean Royal seats, Andaman Ferry service


Day 1: (SAT) –

  • PORT BLAIR – Local sight seeings + Chidiyatapu
  • Morning 4.30 AM flight from Bangalore
  • Reach and check in around 8 am.
  • Stay : Sea Lounge(Budget home stay)
  • After breakfast – Sawtam mill, Samudrika museum, Anthropology museum and Cellular Jail.
  • After lunch – 2.30 PM – Chidiyatapu(Sun set). You can cover Corbyn cove beach also together, but it is a normal no that clean beach. It was not that worth.
  • We went in a scooty(500/per day). The roads are through forest.Its recommended to book a cab.

Cost :

  • Flight : Rs 10,521 for 2
  • Pickup from Airport Rs. 300/- (Talk to the hotel and arrange before hand. Don’t call the cabs directly as they might ask for more after they drop )
  • Scooty : 500
  • petrol : 150
  • Stay : 3500
  • Food and snacks : 900 for 2 persons

Day 2 : SUNDAY –

  • Start early morning to Baratang Lime stone caves
  • Via Jiratang reserve
  • We can see Jarawa tribes on the way
  • 15-20 mins boat journey+small trek to Lime stone caves
  • You can cover Mud volcano if you have time. As per driver, long time ago it was coming up as seen in photos, but now it is all plain mud mostly.
  • Amkunj beach on the way to Rangath
  • Night stay @ Hawksbill nest – govt property.
  • Panchavati – JNV will come in this route
  • Long Island, Balugara, Lalaji,
    Parrot island
    can be explored with more days in hand

Cost :

  • Food and snacks : 900 for 2 persons
  • Stay : 1120


  • Start morning by 6.30 or so
  • Reached Ross and Smith Island, Diglipur by around 12.30
  • Nice little boat ride to Ross and Smith Island
  • Spend around 3 hours in the island (carry some snacks and water)
  • Kalipur beach (near to stay)
  • Stay @ Turtle resort, Diglipur

Cost :

  • Boat 3500. We took a small boat completely. If there is someone to share, you can share the same also.
  • Stay : 1120
  • Food and snacks – 900 for 2


  • Start early morning back to Port Blair
  • On the way – Dhani Nallah Beach. They had a changing room set up. (Not much clean though)
  • Some small waterfalls on the road side.
  • Its a long drive of around 300 kms.
  • Reach by evening in Port Blair
  • Stay : Sea Lounge (Near Airport)

Cost :

  • Stay : 2500
  • Food and snacks : 900
  • Total cost of Cab for 3 days : 14000-15000
  • Maruti Ertiga

Its a long journey for 3 days in cabs. It will be little tiring, but worth the experience of actual Andaman. Compared to Xylo, Ertiga will be comfortable as Xylo has more body roll and for long journey with not that smooth roads, it becomes uncomfortable

Booking helipad (directly from port blair office) is an option for Diglipur. But, we would miss out the Limestone caves and few beaches in between.


  • Port Blair to HAVELOCK – green ocean 6 AM : Arrival 8 AM. (You will have to start by 5 am )
  • CHECK IN : Dolphin resort
  • After Breakfast (restaurant available in resort )- Start to Elephant Beach. (If rooms are not ready by this time, you can request the reception for a temporary room to keep luggage and dress change )
  • It can be reached via trekking also.
  • Scooty can be rented just outside the resort gate for Rs.500.
  • 5 mins complimentary snorkeling will be there with boat ticket Rs.950. Do the extra snorkeling with 1000 extra. Its worth.
  • Lunch
  • By 2.30 pm – Start to Radhanagar Beach for Sunset
  • Stay @ Dolphin resort

Sun sets very early in Andaman around 4.30 to 5 PM. So please plan your travels accordingly.

Plan for 2 days in Havelock & Neil if possible. It will be more comfortable and relaxing.

Carry pen drive/memory card for copying Snorkeling and Scuba videos

Cost :

  • Ferry : Rs. 2578 ECONOMY for 2
  • Auto to Dolphin : 150
  • Boat to Elephenta beach : 950/ person
  • Extra snorkeling : 1000/ person. Remember to carry pen drive.
  • Scooty : 500
  • Petrol : 200
  • Stay : 4700 Deluxe room
  • Food and Snacks : 900 for 2


  • Dolphin resort beach is an extension of kala pathar beach. So you can see it in the morning. For Sun rise, you can go to Kalapathar beach also if are not tired.
  • SCUBA DIVING : Dive India office is within 1 km from Dolphin resort.
  • Wear scuba suit and a small drive in their vehicle to Nemo reef beach.
  • 10-15 mins training and you are good to dive 🙂
  • We went around 7-8 m depth.
  • HAVELOCK to NIEL – FERRY 2.30 PM Arrival 3.30 PM
  • CHECK IN : COCON HUT (Only 1 km from jetty)
  • Rent a Scooty and head to Laxmanpur beach for Sunset

All items are cheaper in NEIL ISLAND. So consider buying items like wooden toys(fish,squirrel, key chains), Sea shells, t shirts etc all from NEIL.

Cost :

  • Ferry : Rs. 2106 LUXURY for 2
  • Scuba : 3500 / person for beginner dive
  • Scooty : 500
  • Petrol : 150
  • Stay : 3000
  • Auto : 50
  • Food & snacks : 900 for 2


  • Sitapur Beach Sunrise
  • Bharatpur beach – For water activities
  • Natural Rock Formation – Must visit
    Ferry : 3.45 PM : Arrival 5.15 PM
  • Check In : Port Blair
  • Cellular Jail Light & Sounds show (English show ) 8 PM. If English show is preferred. Check out the Andaman website for show timings.
  • After 4 PM, the jail cant be visited. Please plan accordingly for visiting jail, may be next day or the same day along with the show.

Cost :

  • Ferry : Rs. 3286 Royal for 2
  • Stay : 2500
  • Light and sound show : 150/person
  • Food & snacks : 900 for 2


  • Jolly Bouy Island + wandoor beach
  • Shopping in market
  • You can take scooty also if comfortable.

Cost :

  • Jolly Bouy Island + wandoor beach : Cab Rs. 1400/- + (entry + boat tickets 900/- per person)
  • Stay : 2500
  • Food and snacks: 900 for 2


Morning/Afternoon Flight to Bangalore – Rs 9,894 for 2

  • Total Cost : Around 85000 + shopping
  • If you opt for cabs for sight seeing and drops, it will add little more.

For local travel cab arrangements and sight seeings, from 5-6 quotes I got, I felt Murali( 9679504934 )from adventureandaman.com was able to give a fair quote.

Also, if you would like to book Ertiga / cab arrangements, Mr Nasir(Sunnywale homestay) can help you.

For families it would be more comfortable to have cabs arranged for sight seeings.

Closed on Mondays :

Cellular Jail, Baratang Limestone caves, JollyBouy

While Best time to visit Andaman is Decemeber & January, the weather also goes bad at these times. In case of bad weather & high tides, the ferries between islands will be cancelled and the passengers have to wait in the respective island till the sailing resumes. We had to wait in Neil island for 2 days due to bad weather.
Hence it is very important to keep buffer day before return flight, in case of any ferry cancellations. Indigo rescheduled our flight for free. But even with the order released from Andaman government authorities, other airlines like GoAir, AirIndia etc didn’t accept any rescheduling requests and lot of passengers had to re book flights for very high prices.

IDEAL for 7 days relaxing trip and budget within 60-70k :

  • Day 1: Port blair – (Jolly Bouy Island + Jail and Light and sound show)
  • Day 2 : Morning ferry to Havelock – Snorkelling,water sports @ Elephant Beach & RadhaNagar Beach(Sun set)
  • Day 3 : Havelock –
    Kalapathar(Sun rise), SCUBA(morning slot around 8 am is the best time for good visibility) & enjoy the evening in resort.
  • Day 4 : Morning ferry Neil Island – Natural Bridge + Laxmanpur beach (Sun set)
  • Day 5 : Neil Island – Sitapur Beach (Sun rise), Bharatpur Beach (If interested in water sports) & Enjoy
  • Day 6 : Port Blair : Sight seeings + ChidiyaTapu(Sun set) (Keep this buffer day before return flight, in case of any ferry cancellations. Very important)
  • Day 7 : Return Flight

Feel free to leave your feedback and queries in comments. I will get back to you as early as possible. Thanks for reading. Happy Well planned trips 🙂

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  1. Splendid blog and very wide coverage on the subject. Way to go bro 🙂

    1. Hi Saneesh,

      Thank you. Glad you felt that the entire Andaman trip is covered in detail. It took quite some time to prepare the blog covering all possible details. It feels so nice to hear such comments and also getting to know that it helps fellow travellers. Keep in touch. Many more interesting blogs on the way 🙂


  2. Really awesome blog. You have covered very very nicely.

    1. Thanks a lot Saibal. Glad that the people are liking it. It was lots of efforts in putting up the content, but trust me seeing each such comments, I feel it is worth the efforts. Please share with your friends too 🙂

  3. Thank you for a detailed glimpse into what Andaman has in store.

    1. Hi Ashish,
      Thanks a lot for your comment. Glad that you liked it 🙂 Keep in touch for more interesting destinations. Please do share with friends too 🙂

  4. Planning an Andaman trip! This was of great help 😀

    1. Oh that’s great. Please feel free to let me know in case of any help. Enjoy Andaman 🙂


    1. Hi,
      Thanks. Glad that you found it helpful.
      Rose Island is port blair in different and Ross & Smith Island in Diglipur is different. The pics you see in my blog is of Diglipur Ross &Smith.
      Ross Island and Jail show could be done together i guess. Do Ross island afternoon and be back by evening. Book for a night show, then you will have ample time.
      Ross island has some historic remains of buildings. So if you are interested in historic things you might enjoy. Else, if you can consider jollybouy island, it has much more good view and also water sports.
      Regarding ferry booking it depends upon the season i feel. Please keep checking the https://tickets.greenoceanseaways.com/portal. It was around 1 or 2 months before, when i booked.


  6. Awesome blog…!!! Loved the way you explained everything in detail!!! Great pics!!!

    1. Thanks a lot for your comment Samudyata sameer.. Glad that you found the blog helpful 🙂
      Please stay tuned to my socila media (fb,youtube,insta) @wellplannedtrip, for more interesting well planned trips 🙂

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