Budget for Switzerland trip

Fix your itinerary and dates as early as possible. This will surely help you book flights and hotels at best possible rates.

Flight charges to Switzerland from India

  • around 30-35k per person one side/person.
  • So for a couple 1.2 to 1.4L


  • Avg 6-15k per night ( 130 – 230 USD) depending upon the season and location.
  • So for 3-4 days : around 25-30k for stay. ( 430 USD)


  • Take stay with breakfast, so one meal is covered.
  • Food around 4000 INR/day (55-60 USD) (For 2)
  • keeping some flexibility For 3-4 days around 12-15k (200 USD)

Swiss Pass

  • 3 days : Around 30k for 2 ( 430 USD)
  • Book for Best rates here. Make sure to apply the available coupon codes during check out


  • Around 2.2L to 2.3L (3400 USD) for 3-4 days for 2 persons.


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