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Dolphin Resort Havelock

  • Dolphin resort is a nice havelock island beach resort maintained by the govt of Andaman
  • Resort was very well maintained, amazing location & experience and was one of the highlights of our Andaman trip. It has a private beach access. Make sure to book well in advance.
  • Scooty is available for rent just outside the gate for Rs. 500.
  • Now here is an important info for you. Dolphin resort is divided into 2 parts. One is undertaken by Govt & other by ANIIDCO. When we search for Dolphin resort in google we get the ANIIDCO contact and they charge higher rates for the rooms. Here is how you can book the govt maintained rooms of Dolphin resort via OfficialAndamanWebsite

How to book Dolphin resort havelock online? How to book Andaman govt resorts/stays online ?

Booking Process for Govt resorts,Andaman

  • Go to ONLINE BOOKING (right top corner )
  • Register & Book Online ( DON’T USE DEBIT CARD for Amount more than Rs 2,000/-. Payment will fail at last)
  • Give details and proceed. You will be allotted an identity number and taken to next page, where we can select the hotels, jail and light sound show.
  • If we don’t complete booking and come back again later, Choose option “Search and Make Payment” to give your identity number and proceed with the booking.
  • In case of registration & incomplete payment, room will be blocked against our identity number and will get deleted only after 3 days from back-end(weird, but this is how it works. I got the info from IT department Andaman)

Which room to book in Dolphin resort Havelock Island,Andaman?What are the different types of rooms in Dolphin resort havelock?

Super deluxe room, Dolphin resort havelock
Super Deluxe room
Dolphin resort havelock
Private beach area, Dolphin resort havelock
Private beach area, Dolphin resort havelock
Dolphin resort havelock
Semi Deluxe room
Dolphin resort havelock
Economy room

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