Machaan Plantation Resort, Sakleshpur
Machaan Plantation Resort, Sakleshpur

Machaan Plantation Resort Sakleshpur – Premium vacation close to nature

In the past few years of travelling around Bangalore, we have done some amazing wellplannedtrips to ShivanaSamudra, Talakkad, KGudi, Yercaud, Nandi Hills etc. Exploring Karnataka further, we chose our next vacation to Machaan plantation resort in Sakleshpur.

Sakleshpur is a hill station in the Western Ghats mountain range, in India’s Karnataka state. It’s surrounded by slopes covered with tea, coffee and spice plantations. Sakleshpur is known as “Switzerland of Karnataka” and “Poor man’s Ooty”. It has amazing nature landscapes and treks to offer.

We planned for a 2 night stay and after lots of research for best resort options which are close to nature with maximum covid safety measures, we booked Machaan plantation resort, Sakleshpur.

Machaan plantation resort, Sakleshpur is a lovely resort to spend your best vacation in the lap of nature with amazing views of Western Ghats, forests and paddy fields all around with birds chirping sweetly. Resort is set on a coffee estate near Sakleshpur, a beautiful hill-station approx 250 km from Bangalore.

With 16 Guest rooms, an in-house Restaurant and an Outdoor Pool – Machaan Plantation Resort is ideal to just relax and enjoy a nice, lazy, quick-break holiday ! And of course there is also ample sight-seeing / trekking and bird watching that one can do at this location.

I will cover the below important points in this blog, so that you can get a feel of the resort and important places to visit to plan your trip well

Drive from Bangalore to Machaan plantation resort, Sakleshpur

Bangalore->Hassan->Belur Chennakeshava Temple -> Machaan plantation resort, Sakleshpur

Just click on the location (A,B etc) and open it with google maps. Now you can easily navigate from your location to the respective destination

  • Started from Bangalore around 7 am
  • Breakfast at Swathi delicacy around 9-10 am. We saw some other good options like Empire, Kamat etc also on the way (Left Side before reaching Swathi Delicacy)
  • From Hassan we have 2 route options
    • 1. via Belur or
    • 2. via sakleshpur.
    • Due to national highway works going on, via sakleshpur has bad roads from hassan to sakleshpur patch. So while going directly to the resort we considered going via Belur.
  • Roads conditions are good and scenic with lush green backgrounds.
  • Explore the marvelous architecture and divine environment of Belur Chennakeshava Temple
  • Head to Machaan plantation resort, Sakleshpur
  • Check-in and enjoy the delicious lunch (included in the package)

Covid Safety measures

Contact less Check-In

Temperature Check
Sanitized Indoors
Sanitized Outdoors
  • Sanitizers are kept in reception, restaurant and main places etc
  • Staffs and Service persons are using gloves, masks and sanitizers.
  • Rooms are sanitized well

During the room cleaning after first day, the sanitization was done. We were really happy with the cleanliness and covid measures implemented at Machaan plantation resort, Sakleshpur. We were able to enjoy the vacation keeping aside all worries about covid.


  • Package includes 3 times food from the inhouse restaurant
    • Lunch & Dinner on the check-in day
    • Breakfast on the check-out day


Work from home packages

The entire resort has wifi and you could choose to work from a different spot within the resort each day ! Machaan plantation resort, Sakleshpur is offering 5 day workcation packages with an option to extend the days further !

Terms & Conditions: Minimum stay is 5 nights Offer not valid between Dec 24, 2020 to Jan 02, 2021

  • For reservations or more information contact +91-8970-33-55-44 or email at [email protected]
  • Please share the coupon code “WellPlannedTripToMachaanPlantationResort” to get best prices.


  • Construction of the cottages is impressive and are in traditional style. Along with the amazing views of Western Ghats, forests and paddy fields all around, its a bliss in the middle of nature. Nice chirping of birds in the background was so soothing.
Machaan resort, Sakleshpur
Cottages with the nature view @ Machaan Plantation resort, Sakleshpur
  • In total Machaan Plantation resort, Sakleshpur have 4 cottages now, each consists of 4 rooms, total 16 rooms
  • 8 rooms with king size bed & 8 rooms with 2 single beds
  • Each of the 16 guests rooms are spacious and elegant with AC & Cable TV. Every room has a sofa-cum-bed to accommodate families with children
Machaan resort, Sakleshpur
  • Nice spacious rooms with good thick and comfortable beds and lightings
Machaan resort, Sakleshpur
AC,TV, sofa set, coffee maker etc was available in room
Machaan resort, Sakleshpur
  • Clean and spacious bathrooms too.
  • Nice shower and hot water was available all time.
  • View from the windows was cool
  • We got Room no : 203 which was in first floor. Views from the balcony was amazing. Balconies were wide and good with marvelous views of the hills and valley.
Machaan resort, Sakleshpur
Balcony view from 203
Machaan resort, Sakleshpur
View from the Balcony of 203 @ Machaan Plantation resort, Sakleshpur
Night View. You can see lots of stars too.


Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool, Machaan resort, Sakleshpur
Swimming pool @ Machaan Plantation resort, Sakleshpur
  • Enjoying in swimming pool with such breath taking views, will be something to cherish forever.
  • The pool pavilion serves pool snacks and kiddy meals, short eats and beverages all day.
Night view of Swimming Pool, Machaan resort, Sakleshpur
Night view of swimming pool
Machaan resort, Sakleshpur


Restaurant @ Machaan Plantation resort, Sakleshpur
  • Food was so delicious and tasty. There was good mix of dishes which suits all food lovers. In 2 days, not even once single dish was repeated.
  • The Restaurant serves local cuisine as well as an Indian menu
  • Non-Veg and Veg both options were good
    • Starters
    • Main Course
    • Dessert
  • Package includes 3 times food from the in-house restaurant
  • Its generally buffet with more number of guests.
  • During our visit, only 2 families were there, so the dishes were made and served. There was good variety of options and there was no compromise in taste and quality.
Pool and nature facing dining experience. Machaan resort, Sakleshpur
Pool and nature facing dining experience

Indoor Games

Indoor Games
  • On top floor of the restaurant, there are indoor games like
    • Table Tennis
    • Carrom Board
    • Chess etc


Well maintained and wide gardens add up to the beauty of the resort
Beautiful walk through the lawn space.
Badminton rackets, cricket kit are available for playing outdoor
Dining area outside with amazing sceneries
Camp fire area
Reception view in night with lightings
View from the end point of the Machaan plantation resort, Sakleshpur
Enjoying the morning walk


Bonfire @ Machaan resort, Sakleshpur
  • Bonfire set up at the lawn near restaurant, with the open sky and star gazing was beautiful experience to remember
  • Barbeque was also provided during the Bonfire
  • Drinks were available for ordering.

With breathtaking views all around Machaan Plantation Resort, Sakleshpur is an ideal location for a quick getaway to relax rejuvenate and refresh.

Places to visit nearby

Have given a route map for all the places at the end

Pandavara Gudda Trek

  • 10 mins drive. Only few kms drive from the resort.
  • 15-30 mins trek with awesome views of Western Ghats.
  • If you have a car, resort can arrange a person to guide you with the trek.
  • Its a small and straight forward trek. So, it can be done individually too.
  • Visit Bettada Byraveshwara temple at the starting point of the trek. Its a beautiful temple inside lush green forest.
  • I will be covering the trek in detail soon. Stay tuned 🙂

Hanbal falls / Magajahalli Falls / Abbi falls

  • Different names for the same falls.
  • 7 kms from the resort. On the way to Sakleshpur
  • You can consider getting into the water if its not crowdy
  • Have to cross some slippery rocks. So be careful while getting there
  • There is 2 points
    • One from the top point
    • Another point where the water falls deeper. You can reach here by going down and crossing some rocks through water. Please be extra cautious due to the slippery nature of rocks.

Ettina Bhuja

One more trek available around 10-15 kms from the resort. If you have more days, you can plan this one too.

Bisle Ghat

Manjarabad Fort


  • Around 25 kms from the resort, its renowned as a hidden gem in Chikamangalore hills.
  • Beautiful ride through the green valleys and mountains.
  • If you can manage one more day, Don’t miss this one 🙂
  • You can find some more details and reviews here

Route maps to visiting places

  • A : Machaan Plantation resort, Sakleshpur
  • B : Pandavara Gudda Trek (Bettada Byraveshwara temple)
  • C : Hanbal falls / Magajahalli Falls / Abbi falls
  • D : Devaramane
  • E : Ettina Bhuja(Sri Nanya Bhairaweshwara Temple, Byrapura)
  • F: Majarabad Fort
  • G: Bisle Ghat

Just click on the location (A,B etc) and open it with google maps. Now you can easily navigate from your location to the respective destination. So depending upon your time availability you can cover the places. Please keep 50% extra time flexibility from the google map drive timings for smoother and less rushed trips.

You can also check out more attractions and details in machaan website

Itinerary for 2 days

  • Day 1
    • Drive from Bangalore
    • Explore Belur Chennakeshava Temple
    • Enjoy the delicious lunch and check-in to the Machaan Plantation resort, Sakleshpur
  • Day 2
    • Morning 7 am -> Pandavara Gudaa Trek
    • Come back by 9-10 am and have breakfast
    • Enjoy the indoor games and nature of the resort
    • Can visit the nearby Hanbal falls / Magajahalli Falls / Abbi falls (Different names for same falls)
    • Evening – Enjoy the barbeque and camp fire.
  • Day 3
    • Visit the nearby small water falls/Take a coffee estate walk.
    • Return to Bangalore after Breakfast
    • Explore Manjarabad Fort fort on the way
    • Also, if you time permits you can explore Shettihalli Church taking slightly different route

If you have few more days, Try to cover Devaramane,Ettina Bhuja,Bisle Ghat etc. As it is in different direction, we can’t visit on the way back to Bangalore

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