Oischinensee Lake View

Oischinensee Lake – Scenic beauty

  • I will help you with all important details in this blog for a day trip to Oischinensee lake

How to get to Oischinensee

Take a train to Kandersteg from Lauterbrunnen or Interlaken

  • If you are staying in Lauterbrunnen, it takes about 2 hours to get to Kandersteg by train and the train comes at the top of the hour. See below for the sample train route.
  • Use official SBB app
Lauterbruennen to Kandersteg Train
15 mins of beautiful walk towards Oischinnen cable car station
15 mins of beautiful walk towards Oischinnen cable car station

After finishing Oischinensee lake, you can enjoy the Kandersteg Pipe ride also. Please find all the details here.

Cable car to Oischinensee

  • You can buy the Oeschinensee cable car ticket at the station.
  • It’s 30 CHF round trip but you can also buy one way ticket and hike down from the top. It’s cheaper for children under 12.
  • (Half fare with swiss pass)
  • 7-8 minutes one way
Oeschinensee cable car t
Oeschinensee cable car
  • 30-40 minutes walk from the cable car station towards Oischinensee lake
  • Once you reach some distance, you fill directions to right and left. Follow left if you want the beautiful top view of the lake. This includes some hike path.
  • If you would like to go through plain road, please take right and it will take you down to the lake.
  • There is also a shuttle service 8 euro for one side
hike path towards Oischinensee lake top view
hike path towards Oischinensee lake top view
Electro Shuttle service. 8 Euro for one side
Reaching Oischinensee lake
Breathtaking view from top
  • You can trail down the path towards the lake and boating also available depending upon season.
  • Note that Owschinensee cable car generally closes around 5pm so if you miss the last cable car down you will need to hike down.



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