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Slovenia – Simply Beautiful

As the public transport is limited we rented a bike BMW F800 for 3 days and it was awesome bike trip through the beauty of Slovenia.

Bike Trip Circuit

It was a circuit starting from capital Ljubljana -> Kranjska Gora -> TRIGLAV NATIONAL PARK -> Vrsic Pass -> Bovec -> tolmin Gorge\Lbjuliana -> Postojna/Skojan Caves -> Ljubljana

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Google maps directions for the Slovenia 1 week bike trip circuit

Bike was in good condition and the rental experience was really good.

  • Bike had all the highway tolls paid for the year. So no worries about the tolls 🙂
  • Papers of bike provided , in case if need to show authorities.
  • Rental place is in Ljubljana town only, just 4-5 kms from city. Cab costs 4-5 euros one side.

Booking Procedure

I had analyzed lot of options to figure out how to book best motor cycle/bike for my Slovenia trip.

  • You can contact Mr. Matej from Europe mototours for renting bike. He will help you with options of bikes and details.
  • Matej has agreed to give best rates for followers of my blog wellplannedtrip.

Please mail Matej on [email protected] with details like start,end date and number of persons etc. Don’t forget to keep me ([email protected]) in CC for best rates 🙂


Vintgar Gorge

Lake Bled

Kranjska Gora

Lake Jasna

Best detailed and relaxed bike trip Slovenia itinerary for 1 week

Day 1

Reach Ljubljana

Explore Ljubljana castle, Dragon Bridge etc

Day 2 – Logar valley, Lake Bled


  • Logar valley (Logarska dolina, valley -> dolina) beautiful for hiking.
  • Options on the way if you can manage time: Rinka & Stegovnik Waterfall


  • Lake Bled + castle(1+ hour walk- only do if really interested)
  • Stay near Lake Bled

Google Maps Directions for Day 2

Day 3 – Vintgar Gorge, Bhohinj, Pokljuka,Radovna valley,Mojstrana


  • Vintgar Gorge
    • Beautiful nature with simple walking trail and its a must visit.
    • Follow the signal boards, downwards direction & it will take you to base starting point.
    • It will require around 2-4 hours to walk till the water falls in the end and come back
  • Savica Falls (Consider if time allows)


  • Lake Bhohinj, Pokljuka
  • Drive through Alpine Radovna valley and pretty village of Mojstrana (there is a cable car up to Mount Vogel)
  • Pericnik Falls(can hike up). If time allows, Else can be considered for next day.
  • STAY Kranjska Gora

Google Maps Directions for Day 3

Day 4 – Triglav National Park

  • Lake Jasna
  • Sky Jump Hills Planica
  • Enjoy beautiful STAY in Kranjska Gora.
  • If you would like to reduce/save one day, afternoon you can drive to Bovec via Vrsic Pass -> Soca
  • Hiking options in Triglav National Park (would need extra day )
    • (Komarča>Triglav lakes>Krn>Komna)

Google Maps Directions for Day 4

Day 5 – Dream drive for bikers through Vrsic Pass -> Soca -> Bovec

  • Reach Bovec and enjoy your stay

Google Maps Directions for Day 5

Day 6 – River rafting + Canyoning


River rafting in Soca river



Day 7 – Kozjak Waterfall,Tolmin Gorge,Postojna/Skojan Caves – Ljubljana

  • Kozjak Waterfall
  • Tolmin Gorge + Tolmimska korita (Would need walking)
  • Postojna/Skojan Caves,Predjama castle
  • Lbjuliana -> Return the motor cycle -> STAY

Google Maps Directions for Day 7

Day 8

Return Bus/Flight to next destination

Best detailed itinerary for exploring slovenia in 3-4 days

Day 1 – Lake Bled, Vintgar Gorge

  • Morning -> Lake Bled + castle(1 hour walk- only do if really interested)
  • Afternoon -> Vintgar Gorge
  • STAY Kranjska Gora
  • More options :
  • ( Options if you have time :Lake Bhohinj, Pokljuka,Savica Falls )
  • (Alpine Radovna valley and pretty village of Mojstrana ) (cable car up to Mount Vogel)

Day 2 – Triglav National Park

  • Lake Jasna
  • Sky Jump Hills Planica
  • Afternoon -> Vrsic Pass -> Bovec
  • Options if you can spend one more day here
  • (Hike Komarča>Triglav lakes>Krn>Komna)
  • Hike in Triglav National Park – Pericnik Falls(can hike up).
  • (Girl Ajda, Russian Chapel under Vrsic)

Day 3 – Bovec

  • Morning -> River Rafting
  • Afternoon -> Canyoning

Day 4 – Kozjak->Tolmin Gorge->Drive to Lbjuljana

  • Kozjak Waterfall
  • Tolmin Gorge + Tolmimska korita (Would need walking)
  • OR Postojna/Skojan Caves,Predjama castle -> Lbjuljana -> STAY

Sharing my well planned trips with detailed itineraries, tips,stays and more.

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