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Sunflowers are a beautiful sight to behold, and there’s nothing quite like spending a day surrounded by these towering blooms. If you’re searching for sunflower fields near me, this blog post is for you. In this blog post, we will guide you through the best spots to see enchanting sunflower fields in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, as well as some tips for planning your visit like when to visit, what to expect, and how to get there. Whether you’re in search of the magnificent sunflower field in Tamil Nadu, the picturesque sights of Sundarapandiapuram, or the stunning landscapes of Gundlupet in Karnataka, we’ve got you covered. So, grab your camera and get ready to bask in the vibrant glory of these sun-kissed fields.

Sunflower fields in Karnataka

Karnataka is home to awe-inspiring sunflower fields, with one particular gem being located in Gundlupet.

GundlupetThe flower pot of India

Nestled in the lap of the Western Ghats, Gundlupet boasts expansive fields of golden sunflowers that paint the landscape with unparalleled beauty. The vastness of the gundlupet sunflower fields against the backdrop of the rolling hills creates a postcard-perfect setting.

It’s an amazing opportunity for the photographer, model or instagrammer in you and also to take memorable pics with your family and loved ones. Considering the tourist rush, farmers are charging Rs 50 for entering the field and taking pics. But, trust me it’s totally worth it. We are spending so much on transport to reach there. So consider this small would be helpful for them to maintain the fields.

After the season, sunflowers are taken to Mysuru where sunflower oil is extracted. Marigolds are widely used during Onam festival in kerala for pookalam (flower carpet)

How to reach Gundlupet

Gundlupet is a municipal town situated in the Chamarajanagar district of Karnataka, India. Its approximately 200 km from Bangalore. Its direct road from Mysore (60 kms). Gundlupet is the last town in Karnataka on the National Highway 766 which goes through Mysore -> Wayanad -> Calicut. It is situated very close to the Tamil Nadu and Kerala state borders. NH 181 begins from Gundlupet and ends in Nagapattinam in Tamil Nadu via Ooty and Coimbatore.

The best time to visit gundlupet sunflower garden is between June last week to Aug mid, when the sunflowers are in full bloom and the weather is pleasant.

Gundlupet sunflower garden location

If you are planning a sunflower trip from Bangalore, best would be to club sunflower fields and Gopalaswamy hills as a day trip or few days trip. You can find gundlupet sunflower gardens on the way to Gopalaswamy betta from Gundlupet. Mysore to Gundlupet to Gopalaswamy betta. This route also leads to Ooty.

If you are going / coming from Wayanad or Calicut side -> Bandipur -> Gundlupet to Mysore, bandipur to gundlupet (5-10 km) stretch we found many beautiful flower fields including sunflowers and marigolds. Even though, we were hungry, we couldn’t resist parking the car and getting down in one of the fields to enjoy this beautiful colorful painting by nature.

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Things to do in Gundlupet

Gopalaswamy Hills

You can visit the famous Himavad Gopalaswamy Betta or Gopalaswamy Hill in the Bandipur National Park here (situated about 16 km south-west of Gundlupet), which is a majestic loft hill at a height of 1450m above sea level. From the top of this hill, you can get an amazing view of the marigold and sunflower fields of Gundlupet.

Gundlupet sunflower, Gopalswamy Hills
Aerial view of Himawad Gopalaswamy Hills Picture credit : KshitizBathwal

Himavad Gopalaswamy Betta is covered with mist for most parts of the year and hence the first part of the name is Himvad meaning mist and the presence of the ascetic ancient temple on the top of the hill dedicated to Gopalaswamy or Lord Krishna forms the second part of the name and the third part is contributed by the fact that it is a hill or Betta.There is an old fort on the hill said to have been constructed during the 13th century. Inside the fort is the Gopalaswamy Temple dedicated to Lord Krishna.

From the foot of the hill, visitors need to take shuttle buses to reach Himavad Gopalaswamy Betta. Private vehicles are not allowed on the hills.Visitors are allowed to Temple only between 8:30 AM and 4:00 PM. Last Bus from the Top of the Hill will be at around 4:30 PM. So plan your trip accordingly.


Find more details in the official website

Bandipur National Park

The Bandipur National Park is situated 17 km away from Gundlupet, giving the town the epithet also known as “Land of Tigers”. Gundlupet was previously known as Vijayapura, named after the ancient Vijayanarayana Temple.

Sunflower Field in Tamilnadu

Tamil Nadu boasts a remarkable sunflower field that attracts visitors from far and wide.

Sundarapandiapuram sunflower fields

Sundarapandiapuram sunflower fields are a paradise for nature lovers. The blooming sunflowers stretching as far as the eye can see create a breathtaking view. The vibrant hues of yellow amidst lush greenery offer an incredible sight to behold.

Sundarapandiapuram sunflower location

Once you reach Sundarapandiapuram bus stand, take a right and this road will lead to many sunflower fields. Click on the below locations and it will open directions in google map for you!

Sundarapandiapuram sunflower season 2023

Sundarapandiapuram sunflower season 2023 is between July to mid Aug

Places to visit near sundarapandiapuram sunflower fields

  • A. Courtallam Main Falls
  • B. Annian parai parking tree
  • C. Anniyan Parai Viewpoint
  • D. Sunflower field route

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Stays near sundarapandiapuram sunflower fields

Tips for Exploring Sunflower Fields

  • Timing is crucial: To witness the sunflower fields in all their glory, visit during the peak blooming season June last week to August mid.
  • Visit before evening: Sunflowers will be more energetic with good sunlight. So visit earlier as possible.
  • Respect nature: While capturing stunning photographs is undoubtedly tempting, it’s important to tread lightly and respect the surroundings. Avoid damaging the flowers or disturbing the ecosystem. Be respectful of the farmers and their property.
  • Dress appropriately: Since sunflower fields are usually located in open areas, ensure you wear comfortable clothing, a hat, sunscreen, and insect repellent.

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