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Switzerland Travel Guide

Dreaming a switzerland trip? Confused how to go to switzerland? How to plan a switzerland trip yourself ? In this switzerland travel guide, I have shared all my experiences and tips for planning an awesome switzerland trip. Will be covering switzerland trip cost from india, Switzerland trip package from bangalore, Switzerland trip cost from india for couple etc in detail.

Switzerland is a beautiful country located in the heart of Europe, known for its stunning landscapes, charming cities, and high quality of life. Whether you’re interested in exploring the majestic Swiss Alps, visiting picturesque towns, or experiencing Swiss culture and cuisine, Switzerland has something to offer for every traveler. Here is a switzerland travel guide to help you make the most of your trip to Switzerland:

  • Identify the number of days, places of your best interest and make your itinerary
  • Book Flights as early as possible. Around 4-6 months would be good
  • Book Hotels, which are best suitable for your itinerary.
  • Apply for a Schengen Visa around 2 months before your travel date
  • Make sure your passport is having more than 6 months of validity from the last day of travel.
  • Take a swiss pass online before your travel and enjoy the travel hassle free with just QR code in mobile. Getting it from airport could be time consuming, depending upon the crowd.
  • Take a sim card online.
  • Carry an universal travel adapter. You can also find adapter with smart fast charging
  • Carry some required amount of cash(for cash only cases) and rest amount in Forex card
  • Carry some Maggi, ready to eat foods, cakes as possible.
  • Get a money belt. This is really handy to keep passport and cash under the dress and be safe from any possible theft. Make sure not to tie up and down, in case zip is open items would fall.
  • Also, if you are using any internal flights a good digital weight machine would be handy to make sure you carry permitted cabin weights.

Find more details below :


Getting a Schengen visa should be on your priority list. It should be applied well in advance around 2 months before the travel date.

Find all details below :

Swiss pass, is an all rounder and will help us through out and enjoy a hassle free trip in Switzerland. Please find all the details, booking option with best rates in the below blog :


ITINERARY, Switzerland travel guide

Framing your itinerary as per your interest and liking ahead, will surely help you to enjoy a well planned trip to Switzerland. Please find best itinerary details in the below blog :

If you can manage 10-12 days, it would be good idea to cover some more countries in Europe, as anyways the bulk of expense is spend on flights. I have covered Venice,Slovenia and Croatia.

Please find my brief Europe itinerary



  • Plan to book at-least 4-5 months before
  • You can use skyscanner to compare prices.
  • Book flights for best rate from Agoda. Agoda gives you extra coupons using which you can save more.
  • There also flight + hotel package offers. Check it out for saving more
  • Finding the best option for you and booking directly with airline website is also a good option. Install airline app and see if there is any offer
  • Don’t search for flights on your dates multiple times.
  • Only search in Incognito mode
  • If you want to compare rates later, take screenshots.
  • Very Important because as you search 2-3 times hits are identified and the rates goes up across all websites.


  • & Agoda are the best option out of all the options I had used.
  • Advantages : Hassle free booking and cancellations, In, You can chat with the stay and get information and tips on sight seeing+how to reach etc
  • Once you have planned the itinerary, book hotels as near for better accessibility and to save time.
  • Use map view in & Agoda to locate your hotels near the preferred areas. You can search for any particular location here.
  • Add filters to find your liked type of stays
  • My favorite filters : Ratings 8+, Free breakfast, Private bathroom(In hostels generally it would be shared bathrooms. When travelling with spouse this won’t be much comfortable), Free cancellation etc
  • If you are booking multiple stays for same date, make sure to cancel the unwanted stays. Keeping an alarm or so would help not to forget and lose money.

HANDLING EXPENSES , Switzerland travel guide :

  • Most of the places Swiss currency/Euro is accepted.
  • Carrying lot of cash in hand is risky and not advisable.
  • Best option is to take a Forex card and load required Swiss currency to the same.
  • Also, it wood be a good idea to request for a backup card and keep it handy, in case of unfortunate loss of main card, so that it can be quickly blocked online and the back up card could be activated.
  • Also, its good to carry some cash in hand so that it can be useful in any scenarios where the card is not acceptable.
  • ATM withdrawals are charged around 1.5 Euros/withdrawal
  • I have checked out multiple options for the Forex card and Euros including direct banks like icici, hdfc etc, but got the best rates for Forex and cash exchange here. They can provide cards from hdfc,icici etc
  • It was a great experience and I got the 300 Euros within 1 day of placing request. You can collect the same from any of the nearest selected centers. Even they deliver door step.
  • Good news is that they had agreed to provide the best possible rates to followers 🙂
  • For best offers and fast processing, write an email: [email protected] or call 04842886900 with your requirements, keeping [email protected] in CC/ /mentioning you are referred by

Sim card

  • It’s very important to have a good sim card with good network coverage and data.
  • It will be useful to find directions, trains, hotels etc
  • I have used TSIM and it was really good. You can check out the plans. Basic plan with 4GB was good for my 12 day europe trip

How much does it cost to go to Switzerland for 3-4 days? Switzerland trip cost from india for couple

All would be worried about the budget when it comes to Switzerland trip. But you can manage the budget well as possible if you follow below :

  • Book Flights and Hotels early as possible
  • Go for budget options as possible
  • Food : Carry Maggi and cakes etc so that some meals can be managed. Some hotels would have Oven
  • Also, we bought apples and other ready to eat items from super markets which would start from 2 euro
  • Save with Swiss Pass and get all transport free and mountain excursions for free/ discount.
  • Please find the detailed budget of my trip here

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Please feel free to share any feedback or information required in comments. I will be glad to update the information.

Sharing my well planned trips with detailed itineraries, tips,stays and more.

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