My Favorite travel gadgets

Canon 800d/700d are amazing DSLR for beginners

One Plus and Google pixel are awesome smart phones for photography

Gopro action camera is an amazing addition to your trips. Be it adventure videos, be it nature wide angle videos, be it beautiful family videos it is a champ. Also completely waterproof up to 10m depth. Gift yourself one and capture moments for life time 🙂

Tripods are really useful for taking long exposure shots and for me mainly to capture our couple pics at our own will and comfortness:)

While travelling in Europe, universal adapter was very handy for us

If you travel in the inter flights within countries, then luggage limitation is a general issue. With a good weight checker, you can save time and money.

Really handy, as during travel it is very important to keep the passport and money safe from strangers.

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