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Yercaud – Perfect weekend trip guide

Yercaud is a hill station town in the Selam district, Tamil Nadu. It lies in the Shevaroy Hills, known for their orange groves, and coffee, fruit and spice plantations.
Yercaud is fondly known as ‘ A Jewel of the South’, because of it’s serene environment and an inviting landscape.

Sunset view, as we start riding up to Yercaud
Sunset view, as we start riding up to Yercaud

Top sight seeing points :

Pagoda View Point

Yercaud, Pagoda point

Yercaud Lake

Yercaud, Lake, Boating
Boating @ Yercaud Lake

Karadiyur view point

Yercaud, Karadiyur view point
Karadiyur view point, Yercaud
Lost in the scenic beauty 🙂

Shri Veera Aanjaneyar Temple

Shri Veera Aanjaneyar Temple, Yercaud
Shri Veera Aanjaneyar Temple.
Very pleasant and peaceful atmosphere. Drive is also nice.

Shevaroyan Temple

Yercaud, Shevaroyan Temple
Shevaroyan Temple
Situated at an altitude of 5326 feet, this is the highest point in Yercaud Hills. 

The Shevaroyan temple is a cave temple. The main deity of Shevaroy temple is Lord Shevaroyan, worshiped by tribal people of the region. This temple can be best described as narrow and dark caves which are adorned by idols of Goddess Kaveri and Lord Shevaroyan. The male deity is believed to be the god of Servaroyan hills while the female deity is considered as the goddess of River Cauvery. It is a common belief among people residing in the area that Goddess Kaveri is believed to be the guardian deity of the 67 villages located around Yercaud.

This cave temple is believed to be 2000 years old as per the locals. The cave extends beyond the temple and the locals say it extends all the way to the Kaveri River in Karnataka, a distance of 480 km. Tippu Sultan was supposed to have hidden in this cave during a war. There is a wishing well too near the temple. The locals believe if they are able to throw at least one stone, from three picked up from the temple, inside the well, with their backs to the well, they will succeed in whatever they plan to do. 

The native tribes come in hundreds and celebrate their annual festival in the premises of this temple during the month of May every year with great pomp. From the temple, one can enjoy the scenic beauty of the surrounded hills and picturesque town of Yercaud. A good view of Yercaud town and Nagalur can be obtained from this hill.

 Sunset view from  Shevaroyan temple
Sunset view from Shevaroyan temple
Sunset view from  Shevaroyan temple , Yercaud
Sunset view from Shevaroyan temple

Ladies seat view point

Yercaud, Ladies seat
Ladies seat view point

Gents seat view point

Its near to ladies view point. (Little above)

Yercaud, Gents seat
Gents seat view point
Yercaud, Gents seat
Gents seat

Some other nice sight seeing points are as below :

  • Killiyur Waterfalls. Monsoons are the idle time to visit this waterfall as the water level at the base of the waterfall rises, providing a mesmerizing and interesting view of the waterfall
  • The 32-Km Loop Road is actually a 32 kilometre stretch, which begins from the Yercaud Lake and takes one through the much-appreciated roads and agricultural plantations of Yercaud. It also leads to the villages of Semmantham, Nagalur, Manjakuttai and Kaveri Peak. While travelling through these villages, one can taste varieties of coffee; the inviting aroma of the coffee beans will surely fill your senses.
  • Silk farm and Rose Garden
  • Montfort School
  • Dear Park
  • Anna Park


All the sight seeing points are around 10-15 kms in distance. So bike was comfortable and also the whether was chilled in Yercaud.

How to reach Yercaud from Bangalore :

Bangalore to Krishnagiri. From Krishnagiri, you can find a alternate route with less Km. Please avoid this route, as the roads are in bad condition and its also very much isolated route with not much people around.
So Best way is to reach Selam and then drive towards Yercaud.

Where to Stay :

We stayed in WOW Bison Woods. Rooms,Location and surroundings were really nice. They have a restaurant and swimming pool too. On request they will make interested items for you.

WOW Bison Woods
Book for special rate
Short itinerary :

Day 1 : Start Morning from Bangalore
      : Check-In and relax at Hotel
      : Eve - Enjoy in swimming Pool surrounded by nature
      : Dinner (Food is available within resort)
Day 2 : Morning after early breakfast, take some photos & enjoy nature.                       
      : Afternoon : Sight Seeing
      : Pagoda Point, Karadiyur view point, Killiyur falls, Boating,Ladies/Gents seat etc
      : Sunset View point : Shevarayon Temple
      : Relax night at resort
Day 3 : Morning cover some more sight seeing Ladies seat/Gents seat etc
      : Back to Bangalore
Map for the main sight seeing places.

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Sharing my well planned trips with detailed itineraries, tips,stays and more.

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